We are INNOVATIVE - Blacklight Photo AP 2D Project

Sophomore Milo Sims completed an INNOVATIVE photo project during his AP 2D Art class using blacklight photography.  The focus of the project came to be after a conversation with his dad about blacklights and Milo's interest in 2D photography. Milo decided to address insecurities and fears in his photos. The work is "based around each individual's experience and insecurities,... one of them was sexual harassment because of her experience with it."

milo 1

Above: Milo and his models prepare for the blacklight photography by applying paint that will glow and reflect the blacklight.

 milo 2

milo 3

Above: The finished project

"I want people to think about their own narrative when they look at my art," Milo said, explaining that he wants to pursue art in college and plans to use the photos as part of his AP and college entrance portfolio.

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