Students are expected to be responsible digital citizens and technology users and follow the guidelines for acceptable use of the Internet. All students will understand and agree to the following guidelines:

I can use technology devices and Internet resources to ...

  1. complete classroom assignments
  2. collaborate with other students and my teacher
  3. search and use information for assignments and research projects
  4. publish and share my work
  5. print with my teacher's permission
  6. learn through educational game sites that are approved by my teacher and listed on "Online Tools for Kids"
  7. access files that belong to me or are shared with me


While using technology devices and Internet resources I agree to...

  1. only give out personal information such as last name, address, or phone number, with teacher or parent/guardian permission
  2. respect and follow all copyright laws
  3. contact my teacher if I accidentally access inappropriate materials on the Internet
  4. only access materials appropriate to the learning activity
  5. be a careful, responsible and respectful user of all District 279 technology devices
  6. always THINK (Is it...True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind?) before you post
  7. I will only post and share photos with permission from my teacher or parent/guardian
  8. send or receive e-mail only if my teacher has designed a project calling for e-mail use
  9. always use appropriate, respectful language when using a digital device


I have read and understand the above guidelines. If I choose not to follow these guidelines, I understand that the privilege of using technology devices and Internet resources will be taken away and school disciplinary action may be taken. This agreement will remain in effect during all of my years at Weaver Lake Elementary School.

Responsible Use Policy (Quiz)

5th Grade Responsible Use Policy (Agreement)



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