Find the scientist in you at Weaver Lake Elementary: A Science, Math and Technology School!

At Weaver Lake, students have rich learning opportunities through inquiry-based, hands-on classroom science and math activities, using current technology for collecting and analyzing data. We provide an environment where students, teachers and families find the scientists in themselves through simulation, exploration and discovery.

The school offers a rigorous curriculum aligned with both Minnesota state and national standards. It includes value-added projects at each grade level that are based on the National Science Teacher Association Standards, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards, and The International Society for Technology in Education Standards. Technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the curriculum and the use of innovative instructional strategies is evident in every classroom.

Our value-added STEM projects are real world investigations with practical applications and achievable outcomes. Students start and end each project with an essential question. Sometimes an essential question is answered, many times it inspires new questions, and sometimes students realize that science and society do not yet have the tools or the capacity to answer the question.  

Teachers regularly use flexible grouping, cooperative groups, hands-on experiences, problem solving, justification of thinking through science notebooks, and academic choice activities that allow all students the opportunity to practice skills based on their cognitive styles, individual ability, and interests.

Teachers work collaboratively and use research-based teaching strategies to provide differentiated instruction in a student-centered learning environment.

School fact sheet

Weaver Lake is a member of the Northwest Suburban Integration School District (NWSISD) magnet school program.

 Other Programs at Weaver Lake:    

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School Safety Patrols  (4-5)

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Art Adventures Kidstop Child Care

Connect Program - Autism Spectrum Disorders

Reading is Fundamental After-School Enrichment Class
 Counseling Services    Hands On Equations (3-5)

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Weaver Lake Elementary:
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