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Staff Favorites

 The PTO asked staff members what their favorite things are, and here are their responses.  

Name Web Presence Favorites
Ayer, Heather    Favorites
Bennett, Lisa Blog Favorites
Bernard, Allison   Favorites
Berg, Jill Blog Favorites
Carey, Gail Blog Favorites
Davis, Emily   Favorites
DeMar, Kersti Website  
Erickson, Jodie Website Favorites
Geerdes, Monica Website Favorites
Graumann, Jessica    Favorites
Green, Leslie Blog  
Hanscom, Chad Website Favorites
Hanson, Jessie Blog Favorites
Johnson, Jenni Favorites
Johnston, Ann Marie Website Favorites
Juliot, Nikki SeeSaw  Favorites
Kennedy-Budge, Kathleen Website  Favorites
Kleven, Margo    Favorites
Kopacek, Carolyn   Favorites
Kuznia, Andi Blog  Favorites
Lanners, Lisa Website  Favorites
Larson, Kristine    Favorites
LeBaron, Cindy   Favorites
Linden, Cheryl   Favorites
Loney, Katie Website  
Mahnke, Jenny Website  Favorites
McPherson, Kathy Website  Favorites
Mehaffey, Meghan    Favorites
Montang, Amanda Website Favorites 
Nesheim, Beth  Favorites
Packer, Nancy Website  Favorites
Peterson, Laura  Blog  Favorites
Pettis, Kristina    Favorites
Quick, Michelle    Favorites
Rabehl, Lori    Favorites
Rodriguez, Laura Blog  
Seppala, Jody   Favorites
Setterholm, Jeannie    Favorites
Saline, Roger    Favorites
Taft, Nicole    Favorites
Thom, Lisa Blog  Favorites
Wallner, Alex    Favorites
White, Stacy Website  Favorites
Winslow, Julie Website  Favorites

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Rice Lake Elementary
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