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Mr. Cory Williams, WilliamsC@district279.org


Where did you go to school and what is your previous job experience?

Received my Bachelor’s Degree from Mankato State University and my Master’s Degree from the University of Texas at Austin. I have served as a teacher at Mounds View High School and Blaine High School, and as an Assistant Instructor at the University of Texas at Austin.

How long have you worked at Park Center?

I am brand new this year

What is your teaching philosophy?

Students should be heard and seen, and that learning is a life long endeavor that needs to be carried out to the world beyond the school walls. Life is the ultimate teacher. I believe that my role as a teacher is to be a guide through the education maze, but that students must take the initiative to take the journey of learning with me.

Why did you choose your profession?

I have a dedication and passion for learning that I hope to pass on to my students. I believe that there is no more honorable profession than that of a teacher, and I believe that I can help our communities improve by helping the students discover their role in our ever changing society.

What is your favorite quote?

I have two that I will share…

“The truth is a virus, so spread it”

“Do or do not, there is no try” - Yoda

In what room(s) can you commonly be found?


Additional Comments(hobbies)?

I am a huge sports fanatic, especially of the University of Texas Football Team (HOOK’EM) and the Minnesota Vikings (SKOL VIKES), so you will often hear about me making trips to see the games.

I love to travel and music is a passion of mine.

Advice for students going to college?

Work hard in the beginning so you are can enjoy the later parts of the experience.

Biggest pet peeve?

People who can’t admit that they are wrong, and those that blame others for their actions.

Sum up your career at Park Center in one word


If you were required to find a different job than what you are currently doing, what would you choose?

Professional golfer, or professional football scout.