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Mr. Mike Johnson, JohnsonMike@district279.org

English & Reading

Where did you go to school and what is your previous job experience?

B.A. English Education Bethel University 1985. M.ed. English Education University of MN 1989. Taught at BJH from ‘85 to ‘96, MGSH from ’96 to ’00, and from then on I’m a PIRATE! Had dozen or so jobs before and since teaching: valet, paper route, washing dishes, pizza guy, sales, coaching, body shop/mechanic grunt, etc., etc.

When was your first year at Park Center?


What is your teaching philosophy?

Stay low and keep your feet moving (HS football coach taught me that – still try to implement it every day)

Why did you choose your profession?

It chose me. I love working with young people, had some seriously good teachers, coaches, and role models, and they instilled in me a passion to serve and give back. What a great job: I never have to wonder if my work is important.

What is your favorite quote?

“The problem with having a sense of humor is that often the people you use it on aren’t in a very good mood.” Lou Holtz

In what room(s) can you commonly be found?

202 hours 1-4 and 151 hours 5-6

Additional Comments(hobbies)?

Hobbies: running, cooking and/or eating good food, good movies.

Advice for students going to college?

Learn a skill that’ll make you a living.

Biggest pet peeve?

Dog stuff from neighbors on MY LAWN!!! Dang you people.

Sum up your career at Park Center in one word


If you were required to find a different job than what you are currently doing, what would you choose?

First thing I think of is how much I’ve been watching Breaking Bad. Just kidding – sick dude in that show, but he’s compelling like MacBeth. Maybe working for a non-profit – something to make the world a better place.