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Ms. Heather Miller-Cink,

Assistant Principal

Where did you go to school and what is your previous job experience?

I received my BA from Gustavus Adolphus College, my MS in Educational Leadership from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and my Specialists Degree in Administration at Mankato. I worked as a music teacher in WI, SD, and NE before we came to MN. I taught music/choir in our district 9 years and then came to the office.

When was your first year at Park Center?

1996 on the school musicals and 1999 full time

Why did you choose your profession?

I love working with people……….especially students

What is your teaching philosophy?

All students can learn!!! We need to believe in all of our students and help them live up to their potential

In what room(s) can you commonly be found?

Student Support Office

Additional Comments(hobbies)?

The Vikings and Disneyworld

Advice for students going to college?

Look for a place to call home………somewhere you will want to spend at least 4 years……………………..and somewhere that can offer you the programs you are looking for.

Biggest pet peeve?

Rude and disrespectful students

Sum up your career at Park Center in one word


If you were required to find a different job then what you are currently doing, what would you choose?

Work at Disney World