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College Credit for IB: Links

MNSCU Policy: http://www.mnscu.edu/board/procedure/316p1.html

Wisconsin state colleges: http://uwhelp.wisconsin.edu/testing/ib.aspx

Big Ten Universities:

Minnesota: http://admissions.tc.umn.edu/academics/ib.html

Wisconsin: http://www.admissions.wisc.edu/APIB.php

Michigan: http://www.admissions.umich.edu/admitted/freshmen/adv_credit/ib_guidelines.php

Nebraska: http://admissions.unl.edu/advanced/ib

Iowa: http://admissions.uiowa.edu/academics/ib

Northwestern: http://www.weinberg.northwestern.edu/advising/freshmen/credit/apib/2012-2013.html

Ohio State(p. 7 on this file): http://registrar.osu.edu/testing/em_brochure_2013_2014.pdf

Illinois: http://admissions.illinois.edu/academics/placement_IB.html

Purdue: http://www.iss.purdue.edu/admission/ugrad/ib.cfm

Indiana: http://admit.indiana.edu/apply/freshmen/standards/IBexams.shtml

Michigan State: http://admissions.msu.edu/documents/MSU_IB_Equivalencies.pdf

Penn State: http://admissions.psu.edu/academics/credit/ib/


St. John’s/St. Benedict: http://www.csbsju.edu/Academics/Academic-Catalogs/2009-2011-Catalog/Programs/Credits-Elsewhere/International-Baccalaureate-Program-IB.htm

Luther College(scroll down to IB): http://www.luther.edu/admissions/accepted/credits/

University of California: http://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/counselors/exam-credit/ib-credits/index.html

Notre Dame: http://fys.nd.edu/assets/62935/ib_credit_table.pdf

University of British Columbia(UBC) Vancouver: http://you.ubc.ca/admissions/international-baccalaureate/

Vanderbilt(scroll down): http://admissions.vanderbilt.edu/academics/ap-ib.php#advancedcredit

University of North Dakota: http://www.ndus.edu/uploads/resources/2600/p-403.7.4-credit-by-exam-2-2012.pdf

North Dakota State University(NDSU): http://www.ndsu.edu/bulletin/academics/placement/ib/ 

To check out any college IB policy we suggest a search of “IB credit and any college name

Why Take Diploma Programme Classes

Students who succeed in the IB Diploma Programme do better than many other groups of students in university level work. IB studies indicate that Diploma Programme students maintained higher grade point averages at universities and earned higher average ACT/ SAT scores than students who had not attended IB schools. The knowledge and skills obtained in the IB Diploma Program clearly prepare students to succeed in higher education.

The Diploma Programme is for more than just high potential students. The most important attributes for success in the IB Diploma Programme are desire, interest and work ethic. The DP is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of work. It’s most important to be highly organized and highly motivated.

The Diploma Programme curriculum is designed to insure a cohesive, comprehensive education for students, no matter where they live in the world. Students who complete this program are preparing not only for success in college, but for success in life. Students gain a broader world view, follow in-depth approaches to the academic disciplines, and develop time management, problem-solving, research, and organizational skills that will remain with them long after the IB experience is over.

Students self-select to enroll in the IB Diploma Programme for their junior and senior years. To be successful, students must be motivated, self-directed learners willing to work hard and make the most of the academic experiences available to them in high school. If a student is looking forward to coasting through the junior and senior year, DP is probably not a good fit.

We hope that all students challenge themselves in at least one IB course. The course may be in the traditional core subjects or perhaps IB Music, IB Business and Management, IB Studio Art, IB Psychology, or IB Film. The important point is that the vast majority of students will benefit from experiencing at least one college-level course during their high school career, making the most the educational opportunities available to them.


Diploma Programme Curriculum

The DP curriculum contains six subject groups together with a core made up of 3 separate parts.


• Three subjects are studied at higher level (HL)
• Three subjects are studied at standard level (SL)
• All three parts of the core - Extended essay, Theory of Knowledge and Creativity, Action, Service - are compulsory and are central to the philosophy of the Diploma Programme.

1.) Extended Essay - The extended essay has a prescribed limit of 4,000 words. It offers the opportunity to investigate a topic of individual interest, and acquaints students with the independent research and writing skills expected at university.
2.) Theory of Knowledge - The interdisciplinary TOK course is designed to provide coherence by exploring the nature of knowledge across disciplines, encouraging an appreciation of other cultural perspectives. At Park Center it occurs during advisory, meeting 90 minutes per week.
3.) Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) - Participation in the school’s CAS programme encourages students to be involved in artistic pursuits, sports and community service work, thus fostering students’ awareness and appreciation of life outside the academic arena.

Diploma Courses at Park Center

Students seeking the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma should take certain courses as sophomores to align their state, local and IB requirements for graduation. Students choosing to take individual IB courses can also use the following table to select which course(s) they would like to take.


IB Diploma Programme at PCSH

Park Center students began taking DP classes in 2009 and many are pursuing the full International Baccalaureate Diploma. Any student is eligible to take these rigorous, college preparatory courses.

We offer 19 different IB courses in a wide range of subject areas. You can challenge yourself in the arts, science, mathematics, history, a second language or high level English.

In a typical year about 400 PCSH students from the 11th and 12th grade take at least one IB course!  We have between 15 and 25 students each year who choose to take a full IB schedule making them candidates to earn the IB Diploma which is recognized by schools all over the US and the world as an outstanding indicator of university success. 

Some IB diploma holders will receive dozens of college credits while anyone taking even one IB course can earn credit at college for their successful completion of the exams. View a slide show of Park Center's previous IB Diploma Recipients.

If you are from outside our attendance area, you may apply to attend Park Center through the NorthWest Suburban Integration School District (NWSISD). Transportation is provided to any student living in one of the cooperating districts, including Anoka-Hennepin, Brooklyn Center, Fridley, Elk River, Rockford, Mounds View and Buffalo.

For more information about DP and other programs at Park Center Senior High contact Mike Cassidy, DP Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 763-569-7688.

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