Spring Break is March 27-31 with school resuming on Monday, April 3rd. 

Spring Break is a great time to rest and enjoy!  We encourage you to get outside, enjoy a walk as a family, play catch, visit the new Brooklyn Park Library which has great activities for kids, go to the Como Zoo or Minnesota Institute of Arts—both of which are free, and so on.  Perhaps Spring Break will give you an opportunity to show your child how to bake or cook a new recipe; with the rush of life there is not always the time to enjoy cooking or enjoy the experience with children.  Spend time reading without any electronic devices on.  You will notice that all of the above mentioned items do not cost any money (except the food for cooking) as it is important for kids to learn that fun does not mean spending money, and for parents to know that it is great to have fun and not spend money.

Kids love to talk with adult….look up and talk about the stars in the sky at night, talk about birds chirping, look closely at the plants to see if they are starting to grow, talk about the spices you are putting into food that you are cooking—they will learn the names of the spices, and the list is endless! 

Children learn by experiencing life, talking and listening.  The time spent simply enjoying life with your children is exceedingly valuable!

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