Screen time!

The latest research indicates that screen time should be limited for children.

While some electronics may have value, research is strongly indicating that screen time should be limited to one-hour per-day, and the one-hour should be quality time.  This would include television, computer games, and hand-held devices.

Park Brook Elementary is a school with a Focus on Fitness initiative to increase academic growth and positive behaviors.  There is overwhelming research that increasing movement and fitness, increases academic growth.

It has been observed that early elementary children have reduced fine motor strength, hand strength, because of increased time interacting with electronics rather than using their hands to play, manipulate objects, draw, and so on.

There is also research that interacting with nature is greatly beneficial for brain development.  One study noted that students who play on uneven terrain in nature perform better academically; the research found that the brain grows as it responds to a body moving, running, and jumping on uneven terrain.  In other words, moving on unpredictable ground causes the brain to have to adjust and work in ways that it does not when moving on predictable terrain.

Article 1 discusses how parents in the tech-industry in Silicon Valley purposefully are low-tech with the children.  There are other articles, not included on this page, that also discuss why leaders in the technology industry choose to limit their children’s use of technology.

As a school, we strongly encourage the following: reading every day, including being read to; at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise every day; getting at least 10 hours of sleep every day; and eating together as a family without the television or cell phones on.

The articles below may be beneficial for you as you determine what is appropriate for your home.

Article 1-- screens think for kids, screens can be addictive

Article 2--more screen time at age 2 & 3, negative effects in development at age 5...

Article 3--screen time stunts development

Article 4--research indicates increased screen time, developmental delays at the next age level

Below you will find a couple of resources that may be helpful to you regarding scary themes and violence in media:

Article on violence in the media  

Article on horror films and children

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