The Counseling Connection

Ms.  Fleagle, Counselor at Park Brook Elementary

Minnetonka High School, Minnetonka, MN

University of MN, B.S. in dietetics/nutrition;

MA from St. Mary’s University in Counseling and Psychology

Licensure in School Counseling k-12 from Mankato State

Professional Life Coach Certificate from Adler Graduate School


My role is to work collaboratively with educators, families, and community members to provide a comprehensive K-6 developmental counseling program for all students at Park Brook. I support students in the following areas:  Academic, Personal/social, and Career

I do this through:

Classroom guidance lessons:

k-4 Second Step(SS) Curriculum-  a social emotional learning program that helps students recognize and understand their feelings and the feelings of others, manage their anger in healthy ways, and solve problems with their peers.

The Zones of Regulation curriculum is also woven into the feelings/management

section of the SS curriculum.  This is a way to organize feelings into 4 zones—blue, green, yellow, and red.  Students also learn effective strategies to move toward the green zone where they are calm and ready to learn (when they are in the blue, yellow, or red zone).

5th grade-guidance lessons as requested/needed.  Career guidance lessons—exploring the world of work and post-secondary educational options.  These

Lessons will culminate in a career fair in the spring.


Small Group Facilitation:

Study Skills Groups—Helping students to implement daily homework time, effective listening and test taking techniques.  Organizational skills are also a focus.

Social Skills Groups—Learning how to introduce oneself to others, engage in a conversation, listen, and make others feel special are keys to making friends.  These skills are practiced as well as how to solve problems when they arise.

Grief/Change Groups—When a child experiences the death of a family member, friend, or another kind of loss, grief is experienced.  Children learn about the grieving process and gain a realistic concept of death.  They will learn basic coping skills and self-care strategies.  In addition, they will receive support and encouragement from other children going through a similar experience.

Other groups as needed, such as:  Girls Rock! And Go Boys! Groups—these groups are gender specific and focus on building self-esteem in boys and girls as well as teaching and practicing assertiveness techniques, problem-solving, and goal-setting strategies.

Individual counseling:

Students meet with the counselor in a one on one setting for various reasons, some of which include:  Learning coping skills for anxiety, esteem building, grief work, specific social skills building, anger management, conflict resolution skills, etc.

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