Birthday Treats

Birthdays are a special day for students.  Some families enjoy providing a treat for the students in the classroom, but for others it is not a part of the celebration of a child’s birthday. Students are welcome to bring birthday treats, but we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Please do not feel you must send treats: many students and families choose to not bring birthday treats,
  • Treats will be delivered to the classroom by either a staff member or the student,
  • Parents will not be a part of the celebration in the classroom,
  • You can choose to send healthy treats that your child enjoys,
  • Let the teacher know which day you will bring treats. The classroom teacher will decide the time that works best with the classroom schedule for the children to enjoy and celebrate your child's birthday,
  • Send only one treat per student. Please do not send cameras.
  • Treats can/should be small.   The large cupcakes are nice however, some students eat part and throw the rest away as they are too big for some kids.  The small cupcakes are enjoyable, cost less and a size that kids can eat and enjoy.
  • Treats need to be store bought and individual.  (Bring cupcakes rather than a cake that needs to be cut.)
  • Birthday treats are for the student’s classroom; students will not be delivering treats to former teachers and so on.

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