Mr. Christlieb

Bemidji High School, Bemidji, Minnesota

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Bemidji State University

Master of Science in Physical Education, University of Minnesota


Students at Park Brook Elementary participate in physical education every other day. The program is twofold: skill building and physical fitness. The Focus on Fitness initiative is designed to increase movement and fitness levels while the physical education program also incorporates skill development.

The physical education program along with Park Brook's Morning Move, Double Dutch Team, and Boot Camps prepare students to meet the requirements for the Park Brook’s Physical Fitness Standards.  The standards can be found on the home page, Focus on Fitness page, or by clicking on the runner at the bottom of this page. 

Park Brook Elementary offers a number of physical fitness field trips throughout the year as part of our Focus on Fitness initiative.  Details pertaining to field trips are advertised on our morning news program, scrolling announcements throughout the building, Wednesday Envelopes, and so on.  With field trips outside of the school day we do have deadlines for students to turn in permission slips as we need to register students, ensure we have enough staff chaperoning, organize groups, and order busses.  For some field trips we do have what we call a ‘commitment fee’ which students receive back if they participate, or let us know the day before if they are not able to attend which allows us to time to adjust registration numbers, and so on; commitment fees are generally for field trips that occur on Saturdays.

We encourage you to spend time as a family getting exercise. Play outside, go for walks, and just have fun!  In addition, it allows you to have undistracted time to talk with your child.  The exercise is good for us physically and prepares students for learning!

When students come to physical education class they are expected to have shoes that allow them to safely participate. It is a good idea for students to keep a pair of tennis shoes in their backpacks so they are prepared. 


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