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Mrs. Shober

St. Louis Park Senior High, St. Louis Park, MN

Bachelor of Science in Education, University of River Falls, WI

Master of Science in Education, University of Minnesota

Mrs. Jayasekera (Mrs. J)

Park Center Senior High, Brooklyn Park, MN

Bachelor of Science in Education, University of St. Thomas

Master of Science in Education, Bethel University







Welcome to our new Kindergarten Students--Class of 2032!

Here are four ways you can prepare your child for kindergarten:

1. Read to your child.  There are many books to choose from at the public library.  

2. Find fun ways for your child to learn the letters of the alphabet.

*  When out for a walk point out a letter and have your child find the same letter on another sign.
*  Talk about what is written on a sign.  For example, a 'stop' sign begins with the letter 's' and practice what the sound the letter 's' makes.
*  Talk about the letters in their name.
*  Play a game of 'can you find the letter ____' when you are out for a walk
*  When cooking, point out letters on the box, such as a box of rice.  "What letter does rice begin with?"  "Yes, the letter 'r' says "rrrr"".

3. Count with your child.

*  Count the steps you take when you go for a walk
*  Count yellow flowers.
*  Count coins
*  Count swings on a swing set
*  Have fun counting!

4. Exercise.  Not only can you have fun with your child, but kids who are fit and get 60 minutes of exercise a day are prepared to learn and make greater academic progress.

*  Play
*  Run
*  Skip
*  Play at the park
*  Go for a walk after dinner
*  Swim
*  Play catch
































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