Vision 2020 was born from the moral obligation that Osseo Senior High (OSH) educators carry as it relates to the World's Best Workforce legislation.

OSH educators believe that simply graduating scholars is not enough. OSH must equip them with the skills, knowledge, and resources to engage in a meaningful future.

In response, Osseo Senior High offers our scholars the opportunity to earn college credit, study online, and complete career and technical programs before graduating from high school. By creating these strategic opportunities, our scholars can pursue individual interests, save time and money in the future, and step confidently into tomorrow.


Osseo U / Concurrent Enrollment

Get a head start on college credits by successfully completing college courses taught at Osseo Senior High. Concurrent enrollment courses are taught by credentialed OSH educators. Grades earned become a permanent part of a student's college transcript and the credits can be transferred to any Minnesota State University as well as many other colleges and universities.

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Osseo Excel / Online Academy

Customize your learning experience (in path, place, and pace) via our unique online academy. Facilitated by OSH staff, these 100% online classes expand education beyond the traditional classroom model to maximize student voice and curiosity. Each class requires a self-directed academic investment equal to traditional classroom time as well as regular check-ins with their Learning Coach to show academic progress and assess their Course Completion Plan (CCP).

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Osseo Next / Career Prep

Engage in hands-on, experiential learning while building the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a specific career path after graduation. Scholars can earn professional certifications, industry academic certification, work placement internships, and college credits. Osseo Next offers pathways that prepare scholars for future careers in Health Science, Culinary Arts, Automotive Technology, Engineering, Construction and Trades, and Business.

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