Osseo Senior High Counseling Department

Mission Statement

Osseo Area School Counselors work collaboratively with other educators, families and communities to provide a comprehensive K-12 developmental counseling program for all students of the Osseo District. Licensed School Counselors assist students to become productive members of society by promoting and enhancing student learning through the three domains of: academic, personal/ social and career development.

Program Philosophy

The impact of today’s rapidly changing society on students affects their personal, social, career, and educational development. A comprehensive guidance program is firmly grounded on principles of human growth and development. It is an equal partner with the instructional program and is necessary to help students meet these changes. Historically, guidance and counseling programs have been reactionary in approach, responding with crisis-oriented services.  The purpose of the District 279 Counseling Program is to be an integral part of the educational process with a content base of its own that reflects a balance of guidance instruction and counseling. Within the guidance curriculum, expected students outcomes are clearly identified with activities and processes given to assist all students in achieving these outcomes. The program is structured to parallel and address students’ needs at different developmental stages.


Osseo Senior High Counseling Staff




Liz Oakland  



Krista Brenno    

Student Assistance Counselor


Sandy Buechel

School Social Worker


Katy Burns   

12th grade students (P-Z)


Allison Loomis

School Social Worker


Meg Holton

10th grade students (H-O, T-Z), 12th grade students (H-O)


Mark Otis

9th and 11th grade students (H-O)


Michelle Schlorf      

9th and 11th grade students (P-Z)


Sarah Seldon

10th grade students (A-G, P-S), 12th grade students (A-G)


Jackie Trzynka     

9th and 11th grade students (A-G) 



For more information, contact our counseling office at (763) 391-8675 or click on your child's counselor's name to email her directly.