Osseo Senior High offers a wide variety of Advanced Placement and High-Performance courses to challenge our students and prepare them for college.  AP and HP coursework offers students the opportunity to be surrounded by other focused and driven peers to pave a path toward post-secondary education.  Students who take Advanced Placement and High-Performance courses cover the same, and additional course standards.  The courses move at a faster pace allowing more material to be covered.  Students participate in individual, paired and group work both in and outside of the classroom.  AP and HP teachers participate in specialized training to prepare to work with our higher level learners.

An additional benefit to taking AP and HP courses is that colleges look highly upon students who challenged themselves while in school.  Osseo Area Schools s use a weighted grading system that adds an extra honor point value of 0.34 to any grade of "C" or higher earned in an ALP or AP designated course.  Final transcripts will show a weighted and unweighted GPA as well as a weighted and unweighted class rank.

See below for additional information about our Advanced Placement and High-Performance offerings.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses

February 2014 Story "More Students Than Ever Taking AP Courses"

Osseo Senior High offers a selection of AP courses which allow a student to remain at Osseo Senior High and engage in learning that is nationally recognized, college-level curriculum available to all grade levels.  In order to receive college credit, the student must take the AP exam and score at least a 3 (on a 5 point scale).  Students participating in AP coursework and earning at least a C grade each trimester also receive additional honor points which are included in their weighted GPA on their transcript.  These courses are rigorous and students must have above average ability in reading, writing and/or math.    Visit the AP College Board site for more information about the AP program nationally.

AP Courses Offered

AP Art History

AP Calculus A, B

AP English 11 

AP English 12 

AP French Language    

AP Chemistry    

AP U.S. Government & Politics    

AP Macroeconomics

AP Psychology A, B

AP Human Geography

AP Spanish Language 

AP Physics

AP Statistics 

AP Studio Art: 2 Dimensional 

AP Studio Art: Drawing

AP U.S. History

AP World History 

AP Biology

For more information on colleges that accept AP testing for college credit and their requirements click here.

High Performance (HP) courses

Osseo Senior High offers a selection of High-Performance courses which are intended for students who wish to be challenged and prepare for college.  These courses work at a faster pace and are seen as a benefit when students apply to competitive colleges and universities as well as scholarships.


HP Courses Offered

HP English 9

HP English 10

HP Biology

HP Chemistry

HP Physics

HP Non-Linear Algebra

HP Geometry

HP Algebra 2

HP Pre-Calculus

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