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We are CONSCIENTIOUS - Building private and social identities

race cult

As part of the Race and Culture class, Osseo Senior High scholars pondered their identity development and shared their personal and social identities with each other as part of building a CONSCIENTIOUS and equitable concept of who they are as people and scholars.  The class creates a space where they can reflect on how their identity both shapes and is shaped by race and culture.  Through critical race theory and pedagogy and under Jessica Stewart's instruction, the scholars in Race and Culture unpack the various ways our identities play a part in who we are.

We are REFLECTIVE - Building critical thinking and reading skills in English

Scholars in English classes practice independent reading and critical analysis, REFLECTING on their interests, learning, and interpretations of fiction.  

reflective 2

Scholars in Caroline Benton's English 10 classes engage in a book tasting event where they "speed dated" books from different genres and REFLECT upon the books' strengths and differences between their reading tastes, becoming exposed to new stories and sparking their imaginations.  At Osseo Senior High, Benton's scholars, along with other English scholars, grow in their love of reading, increase their confidence with comprehension and analysis, and develop lifelong habits of mind as active readers through intentional independent reading practices such as these.

robertson reflective

Sophomore scholars in Maria Robertson's English 10 class analyze poetry using AVID strategies for close, intentional reading.  Through the AVID strategies and close reading, Roberston's scholars develop a critical eye and REFLECT upon how poets construct meaning and communicate their themes.

We are COURAGEOUS - Scholar Ethan Robinson


Senior scholar Ethan Robinson has been a student of tae kwon do since he was six years old.  What started as a way to come out of his shell and grow in confidence has become Robinson's passion.  He has been on two world teams and served as the captain of the US National Team for the US Men's side.  Robinson's focus on tae kwon do has helped him become one of Osseo Senior High's exemplars of COURAGEOUS excellence as he carries over his work ethic and risk-taking to school coursework and extra-curricular activities.  Read more about him HERE.  

We are INNOVATIVE - Scholar Elijah Barlue and Visionary Clothing, Co.


As one of the founders of Visionary Clothing Co, senior scholar Elijah Barlue embodies the drive to INNOVATE and achieve dreams by changing the world as a teen CEO.  With his business partners at Visionary Clothing, he celebrates the idea of "think BIG, dream BIG."  Read more about Barlue as one of Maple Grove Magazine's featured high school seniors taking steps for change HERE.

We are FOCUSED - ACT 30+ Club

Forty-five scholars from the class of 2019 earned a score of 30 or higher on one or more sections of the ACT exam.  Their FOCUSED academic work and commitment to academic excellence stand out amongst their peers.  

osseo 30

ACT 30 Club – Senior Scholars: Achenbach, Kate; Ali, Nimo; Alldaffer, Kathryn; Askland, Hunter; Berends, Brennen; Brewer, Aidan; Brewer, Chris; Cohen, Mariah; Dean, Grace; Deholl, John; Do, Joshua; Fuhrman, Corissa; Hamel, Michael; Hanson, Aubrey; Hegland, Davin; Hoff, Elias; Honnold, Emily; Houfek, Megan; Im, Sanghyeok; Irhyam, Aisha; Iverson, Joel; Karlson, Anna; Kern, Natalie; Kramer, Parker; Lenertz, Maegan; Luebke, Rebecca; Mai, Dragon; Makonnen, Rebekah; Martinez, Elizabeth; McGinley, Nicholas; Molnau, Noah; Nguyen, Kenna; Nguyen, Long; Okolie, Blessing; Olson, Clay; Reickard, Elliana; Richardson, Adrianna; Rossing, Emily; Tovsen, Andrew; Vang, Theelee; Vanhatten, Isabelle; Watters, Madyson; Webb, Samuel; Yakubu, Abdullahi; Yerbich, Sophia.



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