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Osseo Excellence

Vision 2020 Vision 2020 Vision 2020 was born from the moral obligation that Osseo Senior High (OSH) educators carry as it relates to the World's Best Workforce legislation. OSH... More detail
CONSCIENTIOUS CONSCIENTIOUS We are CONSCIENTIOUS - Race and Culture II Addresses Systemic Change As part of their trimester-long research projects into how race and culture are embedded... More detail
REFLECTIVE REFLECTIVE We are REFLECTIVE - Personalized Projects in Mythology Scholars in the Mythology English elective course utilize the flexible seating options in our... More detail
INNOVATIVE INNOVATIVE We are INNOVATIVE - Blacklight Photo AP 2D Project Sophomore Milo Sims completed an INNOVATIVE photo project during his AP 2D Art class using blacklight... More detail
COURAGEOUS COURAGEOUS We are COURAGEOUS - Pennies for Patients As part of their duties, National Honors Society members engage in charitable and volunteer activities. These... More detail
FOCUSED FOCUSED We are FOCUSED - AP Physics Personal Engineering Projects After the AP Physics exam this May, our scholars were presented with a chance to personalize... More detail
Osseo Excellence Osseo Excellence   Osseo Excellence At Osseo Senior High, we share a drive and mission to achieve dreams, contribute to our community, and engage in a... More detail


we are wordsOsseo Excellence

At Osseo Senior High, we share a drive and mission to achieve dreams, contribute to our community, and engage in a lifetime of learning. As the flagship high school in Osseo Area Schools, our scholars and staff are Innovative, Courageous, Focused, Reflective, and Conscientious.  We celebrate all the ways our scholars and staff embody these traits of Osseo Excellence.  Previous Points of Pride can be found HERE


Sophomore Milo Sims completed an INNOVATIVE photo project during his AP 2D Art class using blacklight photography.  The focus of the project came to be after a conversation with his dad about blacklights and Milo's interest in 2D photography. Milo decided to address insecurities and fears in his photos. The work is "based around each individual's experience and insecurities,... one of them was sexual harassment because of her experience with it."

milo 1

Above: Milo and his models prepare for the blacklight photography by applying paint that will glow and reflect the blacklight.

 milo 2

milo 3

Above: The finished project

"I want people to think about their own narrative when they look at my art," Milo said, explaining that he wants to pursue art in college and plans to use the photos as part of his AP and college entrance portfolio.

Follow Milo on Instagram @milo.art101

Three classes combined for a day of learning and INNOVATIVE problem-solving on April 18, 2019.  Scholars from the Race and Culture, Hmong for Native Speakers, and Spanish for Native Speakers classes came together to discuss issues of equity and brainstorm how to enact visible solutions to absent and missing narratives at school.

culture collaborative learning experience 1

As scholars from the three classes built bridges and worked collaboratively, they envisioned how Osseo Senior High could become more inclusive, more representative of the myriad cultures that make up our community.  They collected their INNOVATIVE ideas and shared them to their larger group of 100 scholars before submitting their ideas to the school leadership team.

culture collaborative learning experience 2

culture collaborative learning experience 3

culture collaborative learning experience 4

culture collaborative learning experience 5

Instead of a traditional pencil and paper test, Osseo non-linear algebra scholars in Ms. Beal's class were INNOVATIVE in showing their understanding of how to solve systems of equations. 

Through a differentiated project, scholars could choose how to present their mastery of solving systems of equaitions using both the graphing and elimination methods by coming up with original word problems, solving their problems using the two methods, and explaining their math reasoning to their peers.  Scholars could choose how to present their learning from a variety of methods, all centered on what would allow them to best meet the standard while shining as scholars.

nonlinear 2

Above: Scholar Rahema Ngaima presented her word problem on box braids versus lemonade braids, tying in her passion for style and Beyonce to her math learning.

nonlinear 6

Above: The learning target for this unit of non-linear algebra and examples of scholarly work.

nonlinear 4

Above: Ms. Beal listens to her scholar explain his math solution on his 1:1 Chromebook while his classmate listens to give him feedback on his calculations.


Above: Scholars read through the projects in a gallery walk, listening to each other's reasoning and offering feedback or checking for miscalculations.

nonlinear 5

Above:  Scholar Franklin Howard shows his math problem concerning sports.  He personalized his learning to make the math question meaningful to himself.

Osseo Senior High's Health Science Magnet and Auto Tech Certification programs learned INNOVATIVE techniques for both learning how the heart works and how to fix engines through new zSpace virtual technology systems.  Through these systems, scholars in the program can practice performing virtual procedures on organs and engines before they go deeper into their practice.  The zSpace technology allows unparalleled access for scholars to advance their learning through 21st century opportunities.


Above: Scholars learn how to navigate the zSpace 3-D Virtual Reality consoles. Digital pens allow them to manipulate shapes and turn objects without touching the screen,

As one of the founders of Visionary Clothing Co, senior scholar Elijah Barlue embodies the drive to INNOVATE and achieve dreams by changing the world as a teen CEO.  Read more about Barlue as one of Maple Grove Magazine's featured high school seniors taking steps for change HERE.



As part of their duties, National Honors Society members engage in charitable and volunteer activities. These range from Osseo community-specific activities like Osseo Reads where members go to our elementary schools to promote literacy and reading for fun to its leadership with the yearly blood drive.

One of the activities they do to engage the entire school community in COURAGEOUS giving is Pennies for Patients.  They team with advisories for a school-wide competition to raise money, and this year was for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Multi-Lingual Learner teacher Brett Frayseth's advisory won the competition, contributing over $100 towards the school goal.  Their NHS liaison, Corissa Fuhrman, delivered donuts to them on Wednesday, May 22, in honor of their COURAGEOUS commitment to supporting cancer patients.

Overall, NHS members collected $1300 dollars to donate to the society to support cancer patients.

nhs pennies

Above: Junior Christa Asare, 2019-20 NHS treasurer, combines Osseo's collective donations and shows our school's commitment to the community.  As part of the transition between officers, she worked closely with 2018-19 treasuer Eli Hoff to coordinate the fundraising campaign.

Sophomore scholar Madyson Bartsch has been a fan of acting and performing for years.  This fall, she was COURAGEOUS and braved auditioning for the musical Singing in the Rain.  She was cast in the chorus, and she loved every moment of it.

MadysenAbove: Sophomore Madyson Bartsch holds a flyer for the Osseo fall musical Singing in the Rain.

Business Professionals of America is a new club at Osseo Senior High, and they have already taken on leadership roles at school and in the community, demonstrating COURAGEOUS excellence as future leaders. On October 12, 2018, they attended the Region 4 Fall Leadership Conference at North Hennipen Community College, the kick-off conference of the school year. Region 4 includes Anoka, Benilde- St. Margaret, Blaine, Cambridge- Isanti, Champlin Park, and St. Michael Albertville.

During the workshop, they got to refine professional skills such as personal finance, interviewing, and collaborative leadership models. The students get to meet and interact with other students in the region and also participate in electing the region officers that will represent them this year. They also commit to the Business Professionals of America Pledge: "We are met in a spirit of friendship and goodwill as we prepare for careers in a world-class workforce. We work together to develop professionalism and leadership through BusinessProfessionals of America and pledge our loyalty to our nation."

The Osseo Senior High Chapter Officers are:

Katelyn Cwik: President

Grace Olson: Vice President

Daya Perry: Secretary

Pa Ia Xiong: Treasurer 

Sambhav Bhattarai : Parliamentarian

Nguyen Hoang & Sander Solsvik: Co- Historians


Senior scholar Ethan Robinson has been a student of tae kwon do since he was six years old.  What started as a way to come out of his shell and grow in confidence has become Robinson's passion.  He has been on two world teams and served as the captain of the US National Team for the US Men's side.  Robinson's focus on tae kwon do has helped him become one of Osseo Senior High's exemplars of COURAGEOUS excellence as he carries over his work ethic and risk-taking to school coursework and extra-curricular activities.  Read more about him HERE.  



After the AP Physics exam this May, our scholars were presented with a chance to personalize their interests and physics and create a functioning project embodying the concepts they had studied this year.  Their FOCUSED work proved to be the summation of a year of hard work and rigorous learning.  Projects included bridges, roller coasters, and catapults made from initial designs and then created in class.

ap physics 1

ap physics 2

ap physics 3

Scholars celebrated their A Honor Roll status from 2018's Trimester III with a donut and juice breakfast break on Wednesday, October 24th.  Staff served the scholars and passed out over 500 donuts!  Their FOCUSED academic work in the 2017-18 school year was celebrated and honored.

honor 2

Above: Scholars show off their A Honor Roll certificates.

honor 1

Above: As scholars arrived at the breakfast break during advisory, staff handed out donuts and juice in celebration of the scholars' success.

Forty-five scholars from the class of 2019 earned a score of 30 or higher on one or more sections of the ACT exam.  Their FOCUSED academic work and commitment to academic excellence stands out amongst their peers.  

osseo 30

ACT 30 Club – Senior Scholars: Achenbach, Kate; Ali, Nimo; Alldaffer, Kathryn; Askland, Hunter; Berends, Brennen; Brewer, Aidan; Brewer, Chris; Cohen, Mariah; Dean, Grace; Deholl, John; Do, Joshua; Fuhrman, Corissa; Hamel, Michael; Hanson, Aubrey; Hegland, Davin; Hoff, Elias; Honnold, Emily; Houfek, Megan; Im, Sanghyeok; Irhyam, Aisha; Iverson, Joel; Karlson, Anna; Kern, Natalie; Kramer, Parker; Lenertz, Maegan; Luebke, Rebecca; Mai, Dragon; Makonnen, Rebekah; Martinez, Elizabeth; McGinley, Nicholas; Molnau, Noah; Nguyen, Kenna; Nguyen, Long; Okolie, Blessing; Olson, Clay; Reickard, Elliana; Richardson, Adrianna; Rossing, Emily; Tovsen, Andrew; Vang, Theelee; Vanhatten, Isabelle; Watters, Madyson; Webb, Samuel; Yakubu, Abdullahi; Yerbich, Sophia.


Scholars in the Mythology English elective course utilize the flexible seating options in our Collaborative Learning Lab to focus their work on the type of final projects.  Choices include learning stations for presentations, podcasts, research, short stories, thinking maps, and original web pages. Scholars are able to REFLECT on which project and assessment style will best demonstrate their learning from the trimester.

Mr. Leisen, the instructor, provided flexible pathways for the scholars to pursue their mythological focus while personalizing the pace and place of their learning.  Blending direct instruction with scholar-driven research projects, Mr. Leisen REFLECTED that his choices gave more freedom for scholars to learn more about their interests in mythology than a traditional teacher-driven model.


Above:  Scholars practice and revise their presentations and offer feedback to each other as they prepare for their final presentation at the end of the term. When ready, they can project their slideshows onto the mounted televisions and give small group presentations for both feedback and discussion.

cll 2

Above: In the foreground, scholars are researching their myths and heroes for their presentations while Mr. Leisen, their instructor, meets in the back of the room with each scholar to provide feedback and guidance.  Scholars in the background are preparing their podcast scripts as they wait for the recording room to become available. 

cll 3

Above:  The recording room provides a space for scholars to record podcasts, voice-overs, and audio commentary in a soundproof location. This scholar is reviewing their information before recording to ensure it meets the assignment requirements.

Chemistry at Osseo Senior High looks a little different this year.  After looking at performance data and finalizing standards, Osseo chemistry teachers were REFLECTIVE on how to best provide pathways for scholars to demonstrate mastery of the chemistry learning targets.  They created differentiated playlists where scholars could personalize their path and pace towards learning Chemistry with the teacher serving as the learning facilitator, providing more targeted one-on-one teaching as scholars navigated the carefully curated materials and assessments.

Ms. Natalie Strauss reflected upon her scholars' approaches and needs as well as the constraints of her non-lab classroom space and created a Donors Choose campaign to create flexible learning spaces.  As the choice options allowed for more flexible activities, she created several spaces where her scholars could access a variety of learning activities and methods to meet their needs.  "The nature of the class has allowed me to get to know the students more personally and in their element," she said.  "It's increased the comfort level in [the class]" and has led to more scholars showing proficiency as well as a sense of community and purpose.



chem 3

Above: Comfortable bean bag chairs and a shag rug help create a welcoming space for scholars to engage in discussions and collaborate in their chemistry learning.

chem 2

Above: Traditional table-and-chair learning stations provide a space for collaboration and individual work while experimenting stations (in the back with the scholars) allow scholars to learn at their own pace, providing choices for how to engage in learning and mastering their chemistry targets. 

chem 1

Above:  High top tables provide chances for scholars to stand and engage in learning away from the traditional desks and chairs.

Looking back on her four years at Osseo Senior High, senior Stephanie Torres recognizes the impact of being committed to the community.  Both through her relationships with her teachers and her engagement in athletics and the arts, Torres is REFLECTIVE on how she has been a part of Osseo.

“Growing up, I’ve pretty much just loved helping people out,” said Torres. “That’s just how I am. As an Osseo student, I can say first-hand that teachers really care about you. I want to give back to them because they have helped me get to where I am today.”

Torres has been featured in local news media (HERE) and in community events for her art.  As she reflects on what she wants to accomplish post-school, she sees education in her future.


Senior Stephanie Torres

Scholars from the Sports and Entertainment Marketing class received a personal tour of Target Field and met with the Twins' marketing staff to learn about the various ways the Twins use marketing, media promotions, and partnerships as part of their business.  As part of the educational part of the tour, scholars were able to come up with pitches for corporate giveaways and compete for a signed baseball. Additionally, they got to tour the entire stadium from top to bottom, seeing the rooftop patio, the guest clubhouse, and the Twins' dugout.  They were REFLECTIVE about how they might leverage their learning towards career opportunities in sports marketing.

sports marketing

Above:  Meeting with the Twins' marketing lead and sharing their promotional ideas.


sports marketing 2

Above: A view from the Twins' dugout

Scholars in Caroline Benton's English 10 classes engage in a book tasting event where they "speed dated" books from different genres and REFLECT upon the books' strengths and differences between their reading tastes, becoming exposed to new stories and sparking their imaginations.  At Osseo Senior High, Benton's scholars, along with other English scholars, grow in their love of reading, increase their confidence with comprehension and analysis, and develop lifelong habits of mind as active readers through intentional independent reading practices such as these.

reflective 2     


As part of their trimester-long research projects into how race and culture are embedded into systems of oppression and change, the Race and Culture II scholars investigated topics ranging from the school-to-prison pipeline to graduation rates to absent narratives within our US History curriculum.  The culminating activity was to present their research and recommendations to site and system leadership to help foster conversations about systemic change. They are CONSCIENTIOUS about how to address 21st century needs for inquiry, critical thinking, and amplifying scholar voice in their own education.

rc2 1

Above: The Absent Narrative group presents their process and findings to site and system leadership as their final assessment.

rc2 2

Above: Dr. Kind (Secondary Learning and Achievement Coordinator) and Mr. Johnson (OSH Assistant Principal) and Kelly Armstrong (Social Studies content lead) engage in discussions about how to address representation and equity curricul

OSH senior Malachi Owens ('19) pays close attention to his attendance and academic performance.  He is CONSCIENTIOUS about showing up on time and ready for the day because he pushes to do the best he can every day.

malachi owens

Senior Malachi Owens

As a member of the Osseo Wrestling team, Owens' focus and attention to doing his best allow him to showcase his excellence.  Off the mat, he also enjoys writing.

Future goals include studying business management at Augsburg College, and you can follow him on Instgram @omalachi14 and on Snapchat mal2013chi.

NOTE: Osseo Senior High does not control student social media accounts. 


OSH senior Debra Brooks pays close attention to his attendance and academic performance.  She is CONSCIENTIOUS about showing up on time and ready for the day because she recognizes the importance of staying on track for graduation.


Senior Debra Brooks

As a cheerleader and school leader, Debra truly believes the teachers and staff care about our scholars and encourage them to do their best.

Future goals include studying psychology in college with an eye on becoming a psychiatrist, and you can follow her on Instgram @_dapreesha.debra_

NOTE: Osseo Senior High does not control student social media accounts.

OSH Junior Luke Johnson pays close attention to his attendance and academic performance, especially in math.  He is CONSCIENTIOUS about showing up on time and ready for the day.


Junior Luke Johnson

Whether as an English scholar or winning Mathelicious status (for excellent performance in his math classes), Luke brings his own unique energy to the Osseo community and loves "all the beautiful people I see walking the hallway."

Future goals include studying mathematics in college, and you can follow him on Snapchat: Swagmanking77

NOTE: Osseo Senior High does not control student social media accounts.

OSH Junior and Boy Scout Collin Garrison collected over 2400 pounds of food and hygiene products as part of his Eagle Scout service project.

Over seven months of bagging groceries, he was able to earn money to purchase the goods to donate to the River Trail Learning Center in Coon Rapids for their annual food drive.  His CONSCIENTIOUS effort and compassion for helping others demonstrate some of the best qualities of our scholars.  Read more about it HERE


Above: Junior Collin Garrison

OSH National Honor's Society demonstrated a CONSCIENTIOUS commitment to the community by volunteering at Feed My Starving Children on Friday, November 9, 2018.

Collectively, they boxed 186 packages, prepared 38,016 meals, and fed 104 kids for a year at an estimated volunteer cost of $8363.52.

nhs feed

Pictured: NHS members who volunteered at Feed My Starving Children

Osseo Senior High National Honor's Society officers attended a workshop at Children's Hospital's Memorial Blood Bank in October to learn how to host and facilitate Osseo's upcoming annual Blood Drive. They are CONSCIENTIOUS about helping the world through volunteering and supporting those in need.  Fun fact: all the officers are type O+!

The National Honors Society hosts four blood drives a year.  Last year they had the fourth largest amount of donations for any high school in Minnesota! NHS members are responsible for getting scholars signed up for appointments, sending them reminder passes, and supporting them on the day of the blood drive with encouragement and treats. These officers will share the stories they’ve heard with other NHS members to help promote the blood drive and build enthusiasm for our November 2nd drive.

nhs blooddrive

Pictured: Secretary Natalie Kern, President Emily Rossing, Treasurer Eli Hoff, and Vice President Michael Hamel

As part of the Race and Culture class, Osseo Senior High scholars pondered their identity development and shared their personal and social identities with each other as part of building a CONSCIENTIOUS and equitable concept of who they are as people and scholars.  The class creates a space where they can reflect on how their identity both shapes and is shaped by race and culture.  Through critical race theory and pedagogy, the scholars in Race and Culture unpack the various ways our identities play a part in who we are.

race cult

osseo excellence

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