Investment in Youth Award Recipients are excellent models of how we can make a positive difference in our schools and community. Individuals are recognized for making a significant investment in at least one of the following areas: their own learning, the betterment of education, helping the community, modeling for youth, overcoming adversity, and/or developing their own talents.

Alandra Cox--nominated by Shelly Wallace for Significant Investment in Her Own Learning

Alandra, you have been a great example of a student who takes responsibility and ownership of your education, athleticism, and citizenship. I have seen you come in early, walk back to school, or remain at school to make sure you are prepared to do your homework and have the correct resources and information to complete it . I have seen you come to the gym with only a few minutes or several minutes left making sure to work on your free throw shot just another 100 times to be ready for the next game. I have also seen your patience with others in the hallway that were disrespectful to teachers or other classmates and shook your head or offered a comment to redirect their negative actions. Alandra I believe and am impressed with you as a student, athlete and young woman and will remember you as one of those special “kids” who make our job fun and rewarding. Keep your passion, drive, and commitment alive through your school years, and your adult years will bring you all the joy and success you could hope for. Alandra you are special and we thank you for the memory you leave behind with us at Osseo Junior High School, Good Luck!


Pictured L-R: Michael Thomas, Laura Otterness, Alandra Cox

Laura Otterness--nominated by Julie Bright for her dedication to the study of all facets of music and her contributions to the entire music department at Osseo Junior High.

Laura Otterness is an out going and friendly young lady who takes all of her music very seriously. If there is an opportunity to participate in an extra-curricular performance Laura is there offering her skills on trumpet, piano or voice whichever is most needed. Her passion and work ethic are what led the music department to nominate her for the Investment in Youth Award for 2009-2010 school year.

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