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Digital Learning Lab (DLL)   
This is a unique program that allows students to earn core or elective credit through an online program (Edgenuity).  The DLL coordinator works with subject teachers to create classes and follow the same guidelines used for creating classes in their subject area.  With permission from the coordinator, students may also access Edgenuity from another site such as from home, public library, or use student iPad.  In such cases the student must still attend the program on a daily basis.  Students working from another site are responsible for all assignments as listed and will also be required to pass a series of assessments and/or a final test before credit is awarded.  
All tests must be taken at the OALC.  Student must complete 100% of every learning activity with an accuracy rate of 70% or higher, and pass all assessments with a score of 70% or higher.

Independent Study in Business  
This course will enable students interested in business to improve and demonstrate skills in any of the following areas: Multimedia, Personal Finance, Information Technology, Business Management, Marketing, Microsoft Office, and individualized projects.  This course or special project is designed to take the student beyond the normal scope of other Business courses.  
Note:  This course can be repeated for elective credit with additional expectations included.

College and Career Readiness  (plus On-the–Job Credit)  This course is designed for the student who wants to become inspired about preparing for the future beyond high school! You will learn information about the technical skills and academic knowledge you will need to become prepared for a successful transition to post-secondary education as well as future employment.  The course will cover the topics of:  twenty- first century employability skills, legal and safety issues, ethics, career planning strategies, financial literacy, communication and interpersonal skills, personal goal setting, the skill of decision-making through problem solving and critical thinking, as well as  the examination of post-secondary academic and training options related to personal interests.  You will participate in cooperative, project -based and contextual learning experiences; combined with mentorship and guidance from community speakers coming into the classroom and participating in community experiences where you will be able to observe today's real-world requirements.  A student who participates in and successfully completes this course, each trimester for a full year; will achieve the confidence, courage and competence they will need to plan for their future and the ability to earn a "College and Workplace Readiness" certificate which can be used to build/boost a resume and a portfolio.  *Students may earn On-the-job credit if they work an average of at least 12 hours a week and pass the class.  Note: May be taken for more than one trimester, with objectives updated in Learning Plan/Training Agreement.

College and Career Readiness  (plus Work Experience)  MAAP STARS

This class is designed for students wishing to attend and compete in the MAAP STARS Regional and State Conferences. Students will learn and practice using valuable skills for the work place. The curriculum is designed around the MAAP STARS state events and the district 279 College and Career Readiness course curriculum standards.  This is a “Participatory” class.  Students will be expected to participate in Interactive Games, Role Plays, skits, Projects and other activities.  Students will choose the events they wish to prepare for.  MAAP STARS Events: Team events include: Parent and Management Decision Making, LifeSmarts, Video Promotion, Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Artistic Performance, and Community Service Project.  Individual events include: Workplace Decision Making, Job Interview, Career Portfolio, Job Manual, Public Speaking, Art Display, and Artistic Performance.  *Students may earn On-the-job credit if they work an average of at least 12 hours a week and pass the class.  Note: May be taken for more than one trimester, with objectives updated in Learning Plan/Training Agreement.

Club Fitness
Club Fitness is specifically designed for students who want to participate in activities similar to those offered in popular health clubs. Activities may include, but are not limited to: various forms of dance, self defense for women, and core-strengthening activities such as yoga, pilates, hula hoops, and stability balls. This course focuses on fun activities girls can do their whole lives.  Note:  This course can be repeated for elective credit with additional expectations included.

Recreational Sports Lab  The emphasis of this course is on basic skills of receiving, rules, strategies, techniques, vocabulary and etiquette.  Students will perform and integrate receiving skills and fitness into a variety of recreational sports and activities.  Note:  This course may be repeated for elective credit with additional expectations included.

Crime & Justice  
This course will introduce students to the study of the American criminal justice system.  Students will study the interaction between law enforcement agencies, the court system and society. Constitutional rights and responsibilities of citizens within the criminal justice system will be examined.  
Note:  This class may not be repeated for credit


English 9-12  
This course includes the study of literature (novels, poems, short stories, etc.), composition (descriptive, narrative, etc.) and speaking/listening (cooperative discussions and cooperative learning) as it applies to their own lives.  Students will edit their own writing using skills reinforced in language study; i.e., grammar, mechanics, usage, and spelling.  Students are expected to think critically and independently.  Students are expected to read classical, contemporary, and multicultural literature and are expected to not only comprehend the ideas presented, but also develop their own ideas and opinions in response to the literature.  Students are expected to continue improving their discussion, research, and writing.  Writing assignments may include persuasive essays, research papers, essay tests, personal responses to topics presented in class, autobiographical stories, and creative writing.  Note:  This course may be repeated for core or elective credit.

Exploring Art and Media  
This introductory, hands-on course provides a solid overview of art’s four major components: Aesthetics, Art Criticism, Art History and Art Production. It is designed to provide students quality experiences in a variety of art media. Students will work individually, with partners and small groups to look at the historical, cultural, and aesthetic aspects of Art.   In-class projects will develop skills and creative ideas in the areas of computer art, drawing, painting, graphics, ceramics, jewelry/art metals, sculpture, and video.  Note:  This course can be repeated for elective credit with additional expectations included.


Algebra 2 Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Geometry or Geometry Explorations
The content of Algebra 2 is organized around families of functions including linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, radical, and rational functions.  In addition this course includes the topics of probability, data analysis, and trigonometry. 

Precalculus  Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Algebra 2
Precalculus is designed to provide an in depth, expanded and graphical view of functions.  A substantial amount of time is devoted to the mastery of trigonometry.  The goal is to prepare students for calculus or college level mathematics.

Project-Based Learning
Projects-based learning (PBL) students take a two-period block class in which they learn through making things. Students will create electronic and physical objects to earn credit in science and math. Students will use video production equipment, specialized apps, iPads, and computers to create learning objects showing what they know about math and science. Students will also work with physical objects to learn about concepts in math, science, and engineering. PBL students must have a lot of self-motivation to take advantage of the freedom and student choice a class like this provides.

Calculus  Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Pre-Calculus or HP Pre-Calculus.
Calculus is designed for perspective math majors as well as for students whose primary interests are in engineering, physics, business or the life sciences.  The course contains an intensive review of the topics from algebra, trigonometry and analytic geometry that are necessary in calculus.  It contains an in-depth coverage of topics normally covered in the first semester of college calculus.

Statistics Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Algebra 2.
This course is a condensed version of the AP course.  It is a thorough course that demonstrates the varied links between statistics and the real-world applications.   Students use statistical methods to interpret real-life data from newspapers, magazines and other resources, while an increased technology focus guides students in exploring the internet for up-to-date data.

Math Projects
This course is designed for students who have completed Nonlinear  and Geometry and need additional elective math credit, i.e., Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, etc.  Note:  This course can be repeated for elective credit.

Chemistry in the Community (meets elective science requirement-Maximum of 3 Trimesters)
This chemistry course is taught with a conceptual approach for students who may or may not be college-bound. The emphasis will be on the basics of chemistry and the application of chemistry to everyday situations or issues in society. Course work involves less technical reading and relies on basic math skills while emphasizing concepts over theoretical details. Students must register for all three trimesters.

Animal Kingdom (meets 1 trimester elective science requirement)
This is a comparative anatomy course that studies the Animal Kingdom.  This course places an emphasis on dissection, microscope work, reading, and discussion to learn how animals are classified, the different body systems and how they relate to their environment. Note: 1 trimester class; cannot be repeated for credit

Astronomy (meets 1 trimester elective science requirement)
This course is designed to teach students about the night sky and the cosmos.  The focus of this of the course will explore stars, constellations, planets, the solar system, and galaxies.  Also discussed are the possibility of alien life in the universe, communication with other life forms, and the origin and evolution of the universe.  Note: 1 trimester class; cannot be repeated for credit

Environmental Studies (meets1 trimester elective science requirement)
This class explores the impact of human activity on the environment.  Topics covered include energy use, population, recycling, and toxic waste.  Students will examine environmental issues and will gain information that will help them make personal decisions regarding their role in the natural world.  Note: 1 trimester class; cannot be repeated for credit

Minnesota Geology (meets 1 trimester elective science requirement)
The focus of this course is understanding how volcanoes, plate boundaries, oceans, and glaciers have caused Minnesota's landscape to look the way it does.  Students will use rocks, geologic maps, fossils, and other materials.  Note: 1 trimester class; cannot be repeated for credit

Science Projects
This is an independent student driven class.  This project-based course is designed so students can earn required and elective science credits. Each 3-week grading period students choose an area of study.  They are given an outline of assignments to complete for that grading period.  Students can choose a different area of science every 3 weeks or they can continue in one area until they complete graduation requirements in a particular area.  This class is non-lab based, has limited demonstrations and no lectures.  Class time is spent reading in science texts and answering questions.  The teacher will help explain any science concepts to students on an individual basis.  Note:  This course can be repeated for required or elective credit.

This is an introduction to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. We will explore and analyze human behavior and individual psychological differences through the application of concepts and research methods.  Note:  This course can be repeated for required or elective credit.

Crime & Justice
This course will introduce students to the study of the American criminal justice system.  Students will study the interaction between law enforcement agencies, the court system and society. Constitutional rights and responsibilities of citizens within the criminal justice system will be examined.  Note:  This course can be repeated for required or elective credit.

American Popular Culture
This course explores many aspects of American cultures (people and personalities, special events, entertainment, sports, changing life styles, literature and the arts).   The goal of this course is to help students develop an understanding and appreciation of  the American culture.  Note:  This course can be repeated for required or elective credit.

College and Career Readiness Internship
This is a combination credit course.  Students must also be concurrently enrolled in the College and Career Readiness class to participate or earn credit for this course.  With an emphasis on rigor, relevance and relationships, CCR will help students connect the academic knowledge, technical skills and employability skills vital for entry into the labor market.  Students will participate in one or more of the following community-based learning opportunities: competitive employment, job shadowing, volunteer service, apprenticeship, or internships.  With Coordinator assistance, students will locate, apply for, and interview for one or more of these learning opportunities.

Learning Lab
Learning Lab is designed for students who have good attendance but struggle with work completion and lesson comprehension.  Students who earn less than 50% of their credits for 2 grading periods are placed in Learning Lab. Students in Learning Lab follow a curriculum designed to help them with organization, time management, study skills, problem solving, and reading comprehension.  Students have individual work time where they can complete assignments or projects for courses in which they have fallen behind.  Students are expected to complete time management self-assessment worksheets and surveys about their own performance in school. When a student passes 80% or more of their classes they will be scheduled into another class, but are asked to continue completing performance surveys to help the OALC track data and determine what can be done to continue to improve the Learning Lab course.

Note:  Students can repeat this course for elective credit.  Student selection is based on performance and recommendation by the OALC Human Services Team.

Time Management Skills
This course is designed for students qualifying for special education to meet the goal/objectives of their individual education plan.  The following instructional strategies may be implemented to meet their needs:

•reading comprehension

•reading vocabulary

•goal setting strategies

•problem solving skills

•math computation

•math reasoning

•to develop coping strategies

•decision making skills

•communication skills

•self-advocacy training


•to identify methods/strategies that work for the student

•individualized opportunities for additional modifications/technology support

•increasing assignment completion/on task behavior

•cause and effect relationship of one’s actions

•individualized IEP goals/objectives addressed

•opportunity for individual service support

•transitional skills for current and future adult roles

Through the content area of Time Management, the above instructional strategies will be delivered.

Note:  Student selection based on Special Education IEP requirements.

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