Students are expected to be good digital citizens and follow the guidelines for acceptable use of the Internet. All students will understand and agree to the following guidelines:

I can use the internet at school for ...

  • completing classroom assignments
  • collaborating with other students and my teacher
  • conducting approved independent study
  • searching for information for my classroom assignments
  • publishing and sharing my work
  • printing with my teacher's permission
  • learning through educational game sites that are approved by my teacher
  • While on the internet I agree NOT to...

  • give out personal information such as last name, address, or phone number
  • send or receive e-mail unless a teacher has designed a project calling for e-mail use.
  • access inappropriate materials on the Internet for any reason. If I accidentally access inappropriate material or material which makes me feel uncomfortable, I will close the file immediately and tell my instructor.
  • I have read and understand the above guidelines. If I choose not to follow these guidelines, I understand that this privilege will be taken away and school disciplinary action may be taken. This agreement will remain in effect during all of my years at Oak View Elementary School.