To leave a message for an Oak View staff member dial 391-7200.
When asked to enter an extension number, enter the 5-digit number listed below.

Kindergarten     Office Staff    
Mrs. Angela Aldritt 56103   Mrs. Ann Mock Principal 56450
Mrs.  Sadie Spanton 56101   Ms. Stephanie Webster  Asst. Principal 56155
Mr. Ryan Champ  56109    Ms. Sierra Samari Secretary 56000
Ms. Marci Rahne  56102   Mrs. Joan Lunceford Resource Manager 56420
      Ms. Barb Tollefson Health Specialist 56056
First Grade          
Ms. Caley Paripovich  56110   Specialists    
Ms. Lauren Eastvold 56111   Mrs. Dawn Nelson Media Specialist 56470
Mrs. Cindy Kjeldahl 56113        
Mrs. Anne Kolden 56112   Ms. Stacy Harvey  ATPPS Coach  56137 
Second Grade          
Ms. Jodi Eungard 56120    Mrs. Sara Yonka Phy. Ed. 56164
Ms. Shirley Merriett 56119   Ms. Allie Odgren Phy. Ed. 56164
Mrs. Julie Stobbs 56118   Mrs. Athena Seely Vocal Music 56148
Ms. Megan Somercik 56117    Ms. Ann Bordanaro  Vocal Music 56149
Third Grade     Mrs. Jane Ruohoniemi Band 56165
Mrs. Karen Blix 56124   Mr. Joseph Kruger  Orchestra 56165 
Ms. Mary Ditter 56127   Mrs. Tracy Dorn Volunteer Coordinator 56133
Ms. Pamela Wegschied 56126        


Fourth Grade     Gifted Education    
Mrs. Stacy Grant 56134    Ms. Kristian Happe  Gifted Education 56139 
Mr. Mark Irvin  56132         
Mr. Jason Scherber  56131       
Fifth Grade     Special Educators    
Ms. Renae Booke 56128    Ms. Beth Glaser Full Service Special Ed.  56223 
Ms. Nicole Penn  56130   Ms. Carrie Warren   Full Service Special Ed. 56123
Mrs. Barbara Weist 56129    Ms. Shelly Washburn Full Service Special Ed.  56114 
EL      Ms. Justina Thomas  Connect  56143 
Mrs. Carlena Lange 56121    Ms. Natalie Krueger  Connect 56145
Ms. Stacia Oyer  56121      Strategies  56117 
Ms. Darby Lent            
     Program Manager 56136       
District Behavior           
Ms. Eckhoff 56641    Student Services    
Ms. Farrell  56241    Ms. Kenyari Wright  Social Worker   
Ms. Foker 56341    Mr. David Warner Counselor 56480
Ms. Vanderbeek  56541    Ms. Katie Lail Psychologist 56142 
Ms. Christopherson  56141    Mrs. Liz Stock  OT  56147 
      Mrs. Stephanie Sandin Speech  56140 
      Mrs. Bethany Grev  Speech   

School Info

Oak View Elementary
6710 East Fish Lake Road
Maple Grove MN 55369

School Hours
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Office Hours
7:45 am - 4:30 pm

Phone & Fax

School Office
763-425-1881, ext 1

General Fax 


School Leadership

Bill Kuendig

Assistant Principal
Stephanie Webster