My name is Dave Warner and I am the school counselor at Oak View Elementary.

ISD 279 Counselors work collaboratively with other educators, families and communities to provide a comprehensive K-12 developmental counseling program for all students of ISD 279. Licensed School Counselors assist students to become productive members of society by promoting and enhancing student learning through the three domains of: academic, personal/ social and career development.

  • Social/Emotional Development

Outcomes focus on the areas of socialization, self-esteem, relationships, chemical health, and citizenship.

  • Educational Development

Outcomes focus on the areas of study skills, utilizing resources, academic strengths, and future educational planning.

  • Career Development

Outcomes focus on the areas of career awareness, interests and skills, utilizing resources, and connecting academic classes with future career decisions.

These outcomes are addressed through a variety of delivery methods including, but not limited to, classroom lessons, group counseling and individual counseling.


HOMELINKS - Class Room Lessons

Grade 1       Lesson #1          Grade 2     Lesson #1          Grade 3     Lesson #1

                    Lesson #2                           

                    Lesson #3                           Lesson #3                           Lesson #3

                    Lesson #4

                    Lesson #5