Language B

MYP Areas of Interaction and the 5 C’s

While insisting on the thorough study of various academic subjects, the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organization also accentuates their interrelatedness and encourages a holistic view of knowledge. The MYP fosters intercultural awareness to promote better understanding of and respect for other cultures as well as concern for international issues. The MYP also stresses the importance of communication through a command of one’s own language, world language acquisition, and the appreciation of different modes of thinking and expression. Students are challenged to explore the five areas of interaction which include: approaches to learning, community and service, health and social education, environment, and human ingenuity. These areas of interaction provide a means of broadening student experience, placing learning in context and helping students to develop attitudes and values based on knowledge and skills.

The MYP IB programme aligns perfectly with the national standards of world languages, the guiding principles used by the North View Junior High Language B staff. To develop effective communication across linguistic and cultural boundaries, we incorporate the 5 C’s of world language education: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. The standard of Communication prepares students to learn the language through the use of all four modalities: speaking, listening, reading and writing. A language must encompass the study of culture; otherwise a student simply acquires a repertoire of vocabulary that lack context and meaning, which leads to inaccurate language skills. Through the standard of Cultures, students learn about the practices, products and perspectives of the culture studied. The Connections standard reinforces and increases student knowledge of other disciplines through the study of the foreign language. The standard of Comparisons asks students demonstrate understanding by comparing the language and culture studied with their own. Finally, the standard of Communities encourages students to use the language both in and outside the school setting, promoting life-long learning, as students use the language for personal enjoyment and enrichment.

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