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The Language A department at North View looks forward to getting to know each of our students in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades. We will be spending the year exploring the topics of literature (fiction and non-fiction, drama, and poetry), composition, and speech while working to meet all the state, district and IB requirements. Should any materials be offensive, there is a district policy allowing alternative reading/viewing assignments.


Philosophical Approach to Teaching

All students can learn to read and write well. Reading literature and writing are not separate skills but part of a larger approach to learning about our world and our place in it. On this journey and through rigorous investigations of such essential questions and concepts as – What is a hero? What is justice? What is responsibility? What is loyalty? – students at North View learn how to think critically, analyze texts, and write reflectively about their learning. In group work or individual practice, thoughtful inquiry is encouraged and developed in our students as they make the transition between elementary and high school.


Grade level highlights

Beyond a developmentally appropriate approach to teaching spelling and grammar, each grade has specific foci.

Grade 7: The focus in 7 th grade is on the following:

  • Introductions to secondary school
  • Central Themes: Making transitions in life, overcoming first impressions, the idea of loyalty and personal responsibility.
  • Key Texts: The Clay Marble and Four Miles to Pinecone

Grade 8: The focus in 8 th grade is on the following:

  • Intensive writing and speech practice
  • Persuasive speech and writing
  • Descriptive texts and figurative language
  • Dramatic performance
  • Central Themes: Decision making, the effects of prejudice, and the art of argument.
  • Key Texts: 12 Angry Men, “Flowers for Algernon,” The Diary of Anne Frank (play), and The Westing Game.


Grade 9: The focus in 9 th grade is on the following:

  • Interpreting language
  • Research and inquiry
  • Advanced writing
  • Central Themes: The hero, personal responsibility, the concept of love.
  • Key Texts: The Odyssey, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Romeo and Juliet.

IB interdisciplinary units:

Grade 7: The Clay Marble and SE Asia in Humanities

Four Miles to Pinecone and Minnesota in Humanities


Grade 8: The Westing Game and Earth Science/Forensics in Science

“Flowers for Algernon” and Approaches to Learning/Multiple Intelligences.

The Diary of Anne Frank and World War II in Humanities and Pollution in Science


Grade 9: The Odyssey and the New World in Humanities

To Kill a Mockingbird and Racial Segregation in Humanities

**Other units may be added as the year goes on.


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