LeafLogoColor15 16On Tuesday, December 10th, Maple Grove Senior High School students will begin a revised Crimson Hour structure that provides focused, instructional support built within the school day.  

When is Crimson Hour? 

Crimson Hour will occur every Tuesday and Thursday between the first and second period for 45 minutes (8:50-9:35). 

Why did Maple Grove Senior High School change the Crimson Hour schedule? 

Crimson Hour has been developed with the idea that focused instructional support time will:

  • Strengthen connections and access between students and teachers
  • Increase academic support and homework time 
  • Meet the needs of students working, participating in extracurricular activities or who may be unable to meet with teachers after school: lessen academic stress

How do students know where to attend during Crimson Hour? 

Students will either be assigned to a teacher or self-select to an area. Students are assigned to session for a variety of reasons from missing work, to writing conferences, to preparing for forthcoming assessments. It is not just for students in need of academic help but for all students who may benefit from additional instructional time with their teacher. 

  • Assigned: Teachers will request students that may need reteaching or assistance in making up missing work. Students will receive an email if they are requested by a teacher. Students should make it a habit to check their email after school every Monday.
    • If you child is assigned to a a Crimson Hour session you and your child will receive email from crimsonhour@districtr279.org on Monday afternoon with the subject, teacher, and location of the session. 
  • Self-select: If a student is not assigned to a teacher, they will select where and what to work on during Crimson Hour.

Where can self-selecting students be during Crimson Hour?

Students self-selecting may choose from one of the locations below, each area is offered on a first come, first serve basis:

  • Cafeteria (food service will not be available)
  • Media center (quiet study area only)
  • Preferred teacher classroom
  • Writing Center (quiet study area) 
  • Locker Commons

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