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Academic Recognition & Awards

Auditing of classes for No Credit is NOT an option for Maple Grove Senior High students.

Credit Load
The school year is divided into three 12-week trimesters with a modified six-period day schedule. Students are required to carry at least five classes per trimester, regardless of the number of credits previously earned. Typically, sophomores are expected to take six classes; however, they may be permitted to take a study hall with administrator or counselor approval. With limitations, other courses are available outside of the regular high school day. For example, a student may earn credit in summer school, in Independent Study or at an alternative school during the school year. Counselor recommendation is necessary prior to enrollment to receive credits toward graduation

Failure in a Required Class
A failure in a required class can be made up in one of the following ways:

  • Repeat the class
  • Enroll in Independent Study – see your Counselor

Grading / Weighted Grading

Graduation Requirements
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In order for an “incomplete” to be granted for a final trimester grade, the student and teacher must meet to discuss the circumstances and agree on how and when the work is to be completed. If the student does not complete the work within 15 school days of the end of the previous grading period, he/she will receive a letter grade of “F”. If the student fulfills the agreement, he/she will be informed in writing when an “incomplete” is changed to a grade. If it is a passing grade, the student is notified at school. If the “I” changes to an “F”, the Registrar prints a new report card and mails it to the home of the student.

1. Incomplete notices will be sent home for all students who receive an “incomplete” grade for the trimester.

2. When an incomplete is given for a final trimester grade: 

  • The teacher will give the student 15 school days to make up the work. If the student chooses not to complete the course during the extended time, s/he will receive a letter grade of “F”. 
  • The building principal or classroom teacher may extend the time limit where circumstances so require.

3. The student will be informed in writing when an “incomplete” is changed to a grade.

Online Grade Access (StudentVUE)
Students will be expected to periodically review their academic progress via StudentVUE online grading software, accessible from any internet-connected computer. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain the security of their user name and password information. Attempts to tamper with other students’ accounts will result in discipline following the Acceptable Use Policy in the General Information section of this handbook. Instructions for first time login and a full user’s guide can be found on the MGSH website under Student Links.

Pass/Fail Grading Option
Pass/Fail grading is NOT an option for students in REQUIRED classes. Elective courses may be taken on a pass/fail basis with the permission of the instructor of the course. Any such request must be made within the first two weeks of the trimester to the instructor. The instructor will make the decision regarding the request and the criteria for passing. 

Progress Reports
Mid-trimester progress reports are available through StudentVUE.  They are no longer printed or mailed.

Repeating Courses
If a student fails a course and the course is repeated at MGSH and passed, the failing grade can be changed to a “No Credit” (NC) on the transcript. A student may elect to repeat a course that he/she has passed to improve the grade-point average. If this is the wish of the student, he/she must inform the teacher that the course is being taken for the purpose of improving the GPA and he/she must inform his/her administrator, counselor, or registrar so that the original grade can be changed to a “No Credit” (NC). An additional credit is not earned by repeating a course.

Report Cards
Report cards are available through StudentVUE.  They are no longer printed or mailed.

Study HallSome students may prefer to carry five classes and use the extra period to study. Students who are not scheduled for a class must be in a scheduled study hall. Study hall rules are established by the study hall teacher/supervisor and are to be adhered to by the students in the class. Study halls will be maintained as quiet places to study. Recreation (e.g. card playing) will not be allowed.

If a student does not feel the need for study hall time, s/he is encouraged to take six classes or explore other alternatives such as teacher aide, office aide, etc. No credit is earned while taking a study hall.

Study hall attendance is mandatory. Students wishing to take make-up exams or participate in other teacher-supervised activities during study hall times must prearrange the activity and show a pass to the study hall supervisor. The student must return to study hall with a signed pass by the end of the period.

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