Dress Code Expectations

Students are expected to be clean, neat, and dressed appropriately for the school day. Articles of clothing or words/symbols on personal property that are inappropriate or cause disruption will not be allowed.

Examples that are inappropriate include but are not limited to:

  • clothing advertising substances illegal for juveniles.
  • sexually obscene and/or profane language, slogans, emblems or pictures
  • gang symbols and/or emblems or clothing worn in a manner to identify gang membership
  • sexually provocative or immodest clothing, words, or symbols
  • potentially hazardous items such as chains, pins, studs, and rings

Guys: Do not wear muscle shirts, hats, head gear or clothing that exposes undergarments. NO SAGGING – what does that mean? Pants worn below your bum/buttocks, by your knees, thighs etc. Pants are to be worn at your waist. No pajama pants or slippers.

Girls: Skirts and shorts must be longer than your outstretched fingertips, no clothing that exposes undergarments or cleavage and no bare midriffs. No Pajama pants or slippers.

In addition, students will NOT be allowed to wear tank tops to school. Shoulders are to be covered.

Parents, we ask that you please support our goal of maintaining school appropriate dress. PLEASE DO CLOTHING CHECKS AT HOME PRIOR TO COMING TO SCHOOL. Thank you.

Students in violation of the dress code policy will be expected to change. If students do not have clothes to change into they will be expected to change into clothing provided by MGMS.

Our school community supports School Board Policy #504: Student Dress and Appearance, which states that:

A) The responsibility for the appearance of the student rests with the parent/guardian and student. They have the right to determine student dress providing that articles of attire e not destructive to school property, comply with requirements for health and safety, are not offensive, and do not interfere with the educational process.

B) The building administration has the authority to determine whether student attire is destructive to school property, fails to comply with requirements for health and safety, is offensive, or interferes with the educational process.

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