iPads, Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices


Students are expected to bring their district issued iPad to school every day to utilize in cooperation with their teachers to enhance their educational experience. It is the responsibility of each teacher to establish procedures and expectations for use of the digital learning devices in their classroom, and it is the responsibility of each student to follow those procedures and expectations. Students are advised to secure their digital learning and electronic devices at all times as we are not able to provide staff time to investigate lost or stolen items.


  • Bring iPad each day to and from school
  • iPad should be fully charged each day
  • Only authorized Apps should be downloaded onto the device
  • Social Media sites are not allowed to be accessed using ISD 279 devices and networks

Any photographic or movie image taken of students or staff members on ISD 279 property without the consent of the individual(s) will result in disciplinary action. Any photographic or movie image taken of students or staff members on ISD 279 property cannot be published or posted on a public forum (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.) without the written consent of each individual. Any violation will result in disciplinary action.

Cell Phones and other electronic devices

In our learning environment it is important that students stay focused on their learning. Personal electronic devices, including (but not limited to) cell phones and iPods, are NOT allowed in school. Should your student need to carry their cell phone for after school communication, it is to be off and out of sight during the school day. Should you need to contact your student during school hours, please call the main line at 763-315-7600. Items that interrupt the learming process or violate District Policy will be consficated by staff. Repeat offences will result in adminisrative consequence.

Maple Grove Middle School is not responsible for lost or stolen items, including all electronic devices. We advise leaving all electronic devices and valuables at home.

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