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School Supply List

School Supply List 2018-19




Box of kleenex (voluntary donation)

1 one-inch hard cover 3-ring binder (Thao’s class only)

Container of disinfecting wipes (voluntary donations)

Crayola crayons (no more than 24) or equivalent quality

4 large Elmer’s glue sticks or equivalent quality

Change of clothing (labeled)

4 wide lined notebooks–wire type only

1 composition boo, wide-ruled, 100 sheets
5 vinyl folders with pockets

Box of 24 - #2 pencils (no mechanical)


Box of 16-24 crayons

2-3 big erasers

KINDERGARTEN (label each of the following)

Washable markers

Hard plastic school box

Colored pencils

4 regular size pencils

4 glue sticks

4 large Elmer’s glue sticks or equivalent quality

4 expo dry erase markers

Crayola Crayons (no more than 24) or equivalent quality


School bag or backpack

2 large boxes of kleenex for sharing with class (voluntary

1 spiral notebook (wide ruled)



School box 9”x5”x3”

Box of kleenex (voluntary donation)

Pair of tennis shoes for Phy. Ed.

1 black dry erase marker




2 one subject wide-line notebooks (spiral)

FIRST GRADE (label each of the following)

2 composition book, wide-ruled, 100 sheets

#2 pencils (pack of 24 sharpened)

1 pks (120 sheets) wide-ruled loose leaf paper

Crayons (box of 16)-no more

2 two pocket folders

2 Scissors (child’s size)

Hard plastic school box

1 one inch binder

36 sharpened #2 pencils

3-70 page notebook spiral bound (wide-ruled, wire type only)

1 pencil sharpener

2  boxes of kleenex (voluntary donation)

2 large pink erasers

4 two-pocket paper folders

1 white Elmer’s glue or similar


A separate pair of tennis shoes for Phy. Ed.

Watercolor paint set with brush

Box of crackers (voluntary donation)

1 pair of scissors

1 pkg of glue sticks

1 box colored pencils

1 box crayons

1 box markers

4 whiteboard markers

2 erasers (large pink)

4 highlighters

4 Elmer’s glue sticks or similar

2 boxes of Kleenex (voluntary donation)




3 spiral notebooks

50 #2 pencils

3 two-pocket folders—no prongs

Crayons (16 to 24)

    *try to coordinate colors—blue notebook with


    blue folder, green with green, etc.  This helps

Colored Pencils

5 folders-different colors

    with organization

1-2   Inch Binder (3 ring)

1 composition notebook

1 Elmer’s white glue or similar

150-200 pages college ruled loose leaf papers

1-2 packages quadrille ruled graph paper (100+ pages)

Elmer’s glue sticks (2) or similar

24 #2 pencils

Ruler-centimeters and inches

Red correcting pens

5 one subject spiral notebooks,  wide lined

Ruler (cm. and in.)

Ear buds for use with school  Ipads (can be found at dollar stores)

Big erasers


Erasers—cap style

Hand held pencil sharpener with cover

Markers (1 box)

School supply box with lid

2 large boxes of kleenex for sharing with class (voluntary donation)

Colored pencils (1 box)

Glue sticks—2-3 large

A separate pair of tennis shoes for Phy. Ed

Pencil box

Ear buds for use with school iPad (can be found at dollar  stores)


3 boxes (175-200) kleenex for sharing (voluntary donation)


Literacy Websites is where children have fun learning to read.

PBS Kids has some great stories to listen to and reading games to play.

Enjoy Stories read out loud online by actors.

Children's Storybooks Online has books for children to read.

International Children's Digital Library has books to read in many languages including Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Farsi, and others.

RIF "Leading to Reading": rhymes, songs, games and more for ages 0-5 as well as articles and information for adults



RIF " Reading Planet" for ages 6-15

RIF stories in English and Spanish is a website for Latino families to help build literacy skills

MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries has scary stories and mysteries to solve for kids

Bilingual (Spanish and English) reading support for parents.


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