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Garden City: Plant Knowledge, Grow Community

  • With an atmosphere of acceptance where students, staff, family and community feel they belong.
  • Where all students and staff are respectful of each individual and their unique qualities.
  • Where students and staff consistently pursue excellence in behavior and learning.

Garden City Elementary believes in consistent and appropriate academic behaviors which foster a positive and successful school environment.  We nurture the following:

  • Positive social skills
  • Development of a positive self image for everyone
  • High Academic Standards
  • Respect and acceptance of all people and their right to learn
  • Development of individual potential
  • Development and usage of conflict resolution strategies

Community Building:

Purpose:  To develop a sense of community within our school by continuing to teach and reinforce Respect, Responsibility and Belong.  Garden City does this by:

  • Nametags: Each student and staff member will wear a badge bearing their name
  • Classroom morning meetings
  • Cooperative learning:  group or partner classroom learning
  • Cooperative games
  • Academic choices
  • "Take a break": self monitored or teacher directed time to reflect on student's own behavior.
  • "Circle up": school-wide signal to line-up
  • Universal quiet sign - school-wide signal for quiet and attention to adults.
  • Opportunities used to celebrate classroom success include activities with a buddy class, classroom and/or grade level celebrations, and school-wide sharing and recognition.

Conflict Resolution:

Students are issued checks when they are not following the expectations of Respect, Responsibility and Belong.  After the 3rd check, a problem solving/infraction slip is issued:

  • The student is sent to the office with the infraction slip, or the Intervention Specialist is called to pick up the student.
  • The Intervention Specialist waits until the student is calm.
  • Student states the expectation they need to follow, and develops a plan to return to class.
  • The infraction slip is to be signed by the parent(s) and returned the following day.

Mediation is a process.  Students are encouraged to use mediation on their own when there is a conflict.  Mediation is used when two or more disputants agree to use this process to solve their problem.


  1. Disputants agree to use the mediation process and its rules.
  2. Each person describes what happened and their feelings.
  3. Each person repeats the other person's concerns and feelings.
  4. The disputants brainstorm possible solutions.
  5. All agree to solutions that are fair, balanced, specific, and workable for everyone involved.

We see this as a progression of skills:

  1. The problem solving process described above.
  2. Mediation: a process of conflict resolution facilitated by an impartial third person.
  3. Negotiation: Conflict resolution without a mediator

Stop, Walk and Tell:

  1. Student forcefully tells the "harassing student" to STOP that behavior.
  2. If the "harassment" continues, student should WALK away from the situation.
  3. If the "harassment" persists, student should TELL an adult about the situation.

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