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WALKERS: Students are not to arrive before 8:35 AM. There is no supervision prior to that time. Students will enter the building at 8:40 AM. Students must cross with the patrols using designated walkways. There are no patrols on 99th Avenue by the path leading to school. No wheels allowed on the school grounds or inside the school. Bikes, roller blades, roller shoes, skateboards, and all other items with wheels may be confiscated until a parent is able to retrieve them.

BUS: Schedules are mailed from the Transportation Department in late August. Please remember that students are only allowed to ride on their designated bus. Please review the bus safety information with your child prior to the start of school. Riding the school bus is a privilege.

CAR: Students are to be dropped off and picked up in the front parking lot only. Children should enter and exit the vehicle using the curbside door. If you desire, you may park your vehicle in the parking lot, meet your child at their outside door, and escort them across the parking lot. At no time should children be walking through the parking lot unescorted. This is extremely important for the safety of each child. Maple Grove Police/Fire Department will ticket cars parked in the NO PARKING zones. Due to space limitations, cars must continue moving around the circle when dropping off or picking up.

Courtesy to pedestrians and busses is a top priority, providing safety to all.

Please yield to busses at the entrance to the school parking lot and let them in first. Thank you!




  • Drop off and pick up your students at the white curb. NO WAITING!
  • There is no longer drop off or pick up in the yellow curb area.
  • Cross the parking lot at either of the marked crosswalks with the student patrol only.
parking lot 



No Wheels Policy

There is a “NO WHEELS on the

For safety reasons, if students ride a bike, scooter, skateboard, shoes with retractable wheels or Roller-blades to school, they must be off the “wheels” when they arrive on the school grounds.

Bike racks are provided for students who choose to ride their bikes to school.
Remember to lock up your bike.

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