Give a Little, Help a Lot!

Basswood will be conducting its 6th Annual International School Supply Drive, January 10-17.  Our school supply drive is part of a six-school project called Students Connecting through International Service, which will provide school supplies to a small school in Sasabe, Sonora, Mexico.  For this project, a fifth grade student was selected from six of the schools in our district:  Basswood, Edinbrook, Oak View, Elm Creek, Park Brook, and Rice Lake Elementary.  Our representative, Henry Chouinard, along with the other five students, will be leading school supply drives in each of their schools and then delivering the items to the school in Mexico in April.  After the trip, these six students will share their experiences and pictures with their schools and supporting community organizations.

For the last sixteen years, school supply drives in our district have made a big difference in the lives of these Mexican children, enabling some of them to attend school for the first time and allowing all of them to fully participate in school.  This service project also allows us to develop a connection with the Sasabe students:  posters from previous years are on display around our school, and during the post-trip presentation, our students will see the wonderful homemade thank you gifts the Mexican kids create to show us their appreciation.

Please help us continue this worthy tradition of helping children who aren’t as fortunate as ours.  To save you time and money, we’ll do the shopping.  We’ve arranged for school supply kits that include five notebooks, five folders, 24 crayons, 10 markers, a package of paper, six pencils, erasers, and glue for only $5.00 (Retail Value:  $13.88). 

                     $ 5 …..provides school supplies for 1 child

                   $10 …..provides school supplies for 2 children

                   $15 …..provides school supplies for 3 children

                  $25 …..provides school supplies for 5 children

Please contribute cash or checks made out to “Students Connecting Through International Service” to buy the school supplies.

If we all give a little, we can accomplish a lot!

Thank you for your support!

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