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Our mission is to inspire and prepare all students with the confidence, courage, and competence to achieve their dreams; contribute to community; and engage in a lifetime of learning.

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Student Council FAQ

Do you want to know about Student Council? Read the Frequently Asked Questions below to find out more?

What is Student Council?

Student Council is a group of students who come up with ideas to make our school community better. The students at our school elect council members who they think will represent them best. Each member of Student Council gets the opportunity to actively participate in school-wide activities, make decisions, and see democracy in action. The Council might create publicity about school events, promote school pride, start fundraising programs, or other school events and activities.

Why would I want to be on Student Council?

Student Council members will gain leadership skills, experience working as a team, take increased pride in their school community, gain responsibility, increase interaction/communication skills with students and adults, and will ultimately have the opportunity to become excellent citizens and leaders within their school community.

What do I do if I want to run for Student Council in my classroom?

Please click on the appropriate link at the top of the page under the STUDENT menu.

Who is in Student Council?

Each 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classroom elects a classroom representative (and an alternate). Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Sagustad are the Student Council Advisors.

What about the primary grades?

Students in Kindergarten through grade 3 do not participate as Student Council members. Student Council representatives and alternates will be expected to communicate with an assigned partner classroom in the primary grades. Council members will periodically visit their partner classroom to explain what the Council talked about, and will also get feedback from students.

How are Student Council members selected?

Student Council candidates will complete an application form that includes an essay. The essay will be read aloud to your classroom anonymously - your name will not included, so classmates will not know who wrote the essay. Students in your class will then vote for the essay that they think will best represent their classroom. The author of the winning essay will be the Representative for that classroom.

 When are the Student Council elections held?

Students in each classroom will vote for their Student Council Representative and Alternate on October 8-11, 2012. Election results will be posted on the Student Council page, and/or announced at school.

What is the purpose of Student Council?

Student Council members bring ideas and suggestions from their classrooms and partner classrooms to council meetings and report information back to classrooms. Council members also help with Student Council projects throughout the school year.

What is the structure of Student Council?

The Students Council will elect the following positions at the first meeting:

President: (6th Grader)
Vice President: (6th Grader)
Secretary: (5th Grader)
Treasurer: (5th Grader)

What are the additional responsibilities of the officers?

President: The president meets with the supervisors to plan Student Council meetings, then runs the Student Council meetings. and represents the Council at different events.

Vice President: He or she fills in when the President is absent. The Vice President also participates in Council meetings and may assist the President.

Secretary: He or she writes down what goes on at the meetings (takes minutes), reports at each meeting what happened at the previous one, and keeps track of attendance.

Treasurer: He or she keeps a written record of money earned and spent by the Student Council; reports this information at council meetings.

Who attends the meetings?

All Student Council Representatives will be expected to attend each meeting. If a member is not able to attend, it is her/her responsiblity to obtain the minutes from the missed meeting and talk with another member from the same grade level.


What do Student Council members do?

Student Council members will meet once or twice each month as a group to discuss and make decisions about Basswood School and community. Student Council members will participate in school and community service projects. Student Council members will work to promote school spirit. Student Council members will communicate information to others via classroom presentations and/or morning announcements. Student Council members will be expected to participate in Student Council activities - as determined by the Council. Student Council members will be expected to check the Basswood website on a regular basis for information and updates.

When does student council meet?

The Student Council meets on various Thursdays of each month (November-June) before school. (Check the web page for specific dates and/or changes.) Meetings will be held from 8:00 am until 8:40 am. Student Council members will also be expected to perform various other duties/projects outside of the meeting times.

Where does student council meet?

Meetings will be held in room 37.

If I am elected to student council but I don't like it, can I quit?

When you decide to be on the Student Council, you are making a commitment. It is for the entire school year. Before you decide to run for Student Council, make sure that you are sure it's something you'll want to do all year long.

What do I do when I miss class work?

That is up to your teacher. However, most teachers will require that you find out whatever work or lesson you missed and turn it in the following day. If you don't think you can keep up with the extra workload, this job is not for you.

Can a person be removed from Student Council?

It is up to your teacher, Mr. Anderson, and Mrs. Saugstad to decide if you are able to keep your position. If you are disruptive in class or during Student Council meetings, or if you are falling behind in your class work or Student Council responsibilities, you may lose your position.

What if I still have questions?

Please send an email to Mr. Anderson or Mrs. Saugstad if you still have questions.